Tayah, 36 years young, Designer

I’m pretty new to using CBD and the taste of oils were not my favourite. I found the 30mg Mentha patch was easy to use, convenient and provided a steady dose of CBD throughout the 48 hours. I applied my patch at night and was surprised at how well it stayed on. It certainly helped to keep me focussed and calm in a very high-pressured environment. Would I purchase again? – a big yes.

Beverley, 34 years young, Culinary Artist

Having been an early adopter of CBD, I was keen to try a product that didn’t involve me “topping up”. As my hormones play a big part in my anxiety, I found the 40mg Original patch perfect for taking the edge off and supporting me through those trickier days of the month.

The patch gave a consistent dose of CBD, topping up became one less thing for me to think about.

Rachel, 42 years young, Musician and Yoga Teacher

I’m a big advocate of plant-based products. I found the 30mg Mentha patches discreet and worked harmoniously with me during yoga. Usually my hormones cause a dip in my mood, but patches brought some tranquillity. As part of a female wellness regime, I would 100% recommend these patches. 

Chloe, 42 years young, DJ and Actress

Sleep has always been an issue for me, particularly when my hormones are doing their thing. I have tried several CBD products and was very impressed with the outcome of the 40mg Original patches. Within 30 minutes of applying the patch I was ready for sleep, this brought relief to my usual tossing and turning. 

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