Benefits of CBD Patches

1. Ease of Use

The Hempton’s CBD infused patch is one of the most effortless and efficient ways to use CBD. Simply apply it to your skin and let it work its magic. What’s even better is that all you need to do is take it off when you want to, and it will stop delivering CBD into your system.

2. Discretion

When it comes to taking CBD, The Hempton’s CBD patch could be the most discreet method that exists. No need to take a tincture, pop a pill or hit your vape pen. 

3. Increased Effectiveness

Whilst consuming CBD orally is popular, it offers the lowest bioavailability of CBD due to the first pass effect. When CBD is ingested, it passes through your stomach and liver. Together these organs break down substances, as a result, the CBD is reduced and less of the CBD is absorbed effectively. 

With The Hempton’s CBD patch, the first pass effect is bypassed, allowing the CBD to be absorbed directly into your skin which provides a higher absorption.

4. Accurate Serving

Accomplishing an accurate serving of CBD with a tincture can be a mathematical nightmare. CBD patches are accurately measured servings. If the patch contains 30mg of CBD, you know you’re getting 30mg of CBD.

5. Longer Lasting

Our CBD topical patches are designed to deliver CBD to the system over 48 hours, meaning no need for multiple dosing required throughout the day.

6. Ideal for the Forgetful and the Busy

Many of us don’t have time to take supplements. Every now and again we don’t always remember the right time to take the next serving. You can simply apply one of our CBD infused patches and relax in the knowledge that your CBD dose is taken care of for the next 48 hours, allowing you to focus on what matters without distraction.